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The Pros and Cons of a Gamestop Employee

There are many preconceived notions about being a Gamestop employee; the fame, the opportunity, the geekness. All of it seems wonderful and lovely, but sometimes it’s a struggle. Do you lose yourself to ‘the man’ and succumb to its wonder, or do you stave away, forever starved? I’ve compiled a list to think about if you’re ever in the situation. Life or death, mind you (zombie apocalypse, duh).


First of all, you get to work around video games. And for most people, that’s good enough. You get to talk about video games all day. Everyone that comes in wants to know what you know and how you know it. And even if they don’t want to know, you can still jam it down their throat. Secondly, you get some rad swag. Everytime a new game comes out (at least the big titles) you get some type of lanyard or tshirt. Sometimes, it’s even bigger o_o.

(Duke Nukem cock not included)

Free stuff is always a plus (just don’t try to sell it or you’ll get fired, literally). Next, you get to work with people who share your common interests. You get to work and talk about games, and not get scolded for it. Except for those guys that work with you that don’t have a life outside of video games. That’s a toughie. And oh yeah, did I mention the free rentals? You can check out games, as long as they are at least a week old, for three days at a time. Can’t beat it in three days (pansy)? You can check it out again in a week. I have played so many games through the system. Oh yeah, and you get free food. Most of the time, you’ll be asked to work midnight releases. If you do, you’ll always get some free pizza and drinks.

(^ totally a fake pizza)

Delicious. Lastly, your super wicked discount. 15% off for employees, which only doesn’t go towards new consoles. And if you’re an LGA (keyholder) or higher, you get a free one year power up rewards card. So if you’re getting used games, looking at 25% off.

But there is never a one night stand without one person being unhappy the morning after.


Most of the time, you’re working under someone who slacks. This doesn’t happen -always- but never ceases to fail at some point in your Gamestop career. You also always have to sell pre-orders/reserves and subscriptions/power up cards. If you don’t make your numbers one week, you better be on your toes the next week. Even in the dry season, you’re required to sell. Even if people don’t want what you want to give them, you make them take it. Y’know, like Dumbledore and that potion thing to get the locket. Next, the work attire changes almost every other week. One week it’s fine to wear gamer shirts, the next it’s polos. So be prepared to have a wardrobe. After all that, you will be given sets of ‘chores’ to do, which really are busy work if you are in a low-lying store. Things like ‘move this section over here’ then the week after have to move it back. Seasonal times are always a bitch and a half also. Asking off is like pulling teeth, even with the extra help they don’t want to let you go. Then, there are children. They are there to wreck your store.

(Professional baby wrecking crew. Don’t try this at home.)

Beware, as you have to keep the walls alphabetized. And the last thing is dignity. For girls, it’s not so bad. Guys come in to see you and are very jazzed about the experience. However, for guys, it can really break your internet penis. Some of the hardcore gamers see working at Gamestop as being a sellout and some will even delete you from clans.

But getting to work with hot gamer chicks totally negates it for the most part.

So hopefully that answers some questions about Gamestop. Not everything is sunshine and daisies, but it’s also not completely horrible! You decide!


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