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Rated M Games

So, many of you don’t exactly know about this new ruling. It went through the Supreme Court and all, so I thought I’d discuss it a bit and get some of the nastiness out of the water.

Last week, the Supreme Court overturned a law that said Rated M games could not be sold to minors. With that being said, everyone things Little Timmy Tot is going to be able to go out and get Call of Duty at his local store just like that.


Most companies, including mine (gamestop), have policies which prohibit minors from buying Rated M games. What the Supreme Court is doing is basically saying “you won’t go to jail under us for selling them…what your company does with you is their own business.” Just like kids getting into Rated-R movies from accidental slip ups doesn’t mean that the employee is going to get a lawsuit.

At Gamestop, if you still have to be 17 and up to buy Rated M games. Same thing goes for Target and Walmart. Now, companies can begin to turn a blind eye (and go against their policies) but it is highly unlikely that things will change.

And even so, parents should step up their own game. If you give Little Timmy Tot who’s only 12 $80 and just send him into a store for games, you’re a bad parent. If that store doesn’t care about what they sell (because we shouldn’t have to be kid monitors while you’re a lazy ass), and Little Timmy Tot gets Mortal Kombat and tries to rip his little sister apart, Little Timmy Tot should be institutionalized, and you should be put in jail and lose all custody.

Game makers should be allowed to make whatever they want to make. Freedom of expression. Parents should learn to do their job and be PARENTS.

…Either way. If you go to Gamestop, Walmart, or Target to get games, chances are you’re still going to get carded. So don’t even think about trying to slide one past us. We’re not stupid, and we aren’t going to lose our jobs for your homeopathic nature.

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Posted by on July 8, 2011 in Gaming


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